Muscle Mass and Diabetes – How Gaining Muscle Mass Can Help Bring Diabetes Under Control.


Gaining muscle mass has its fair share of health benefits that not many can ignore. Strength training helps increase metabolic rate of the body, strengthens bones, boosts immunity, decreases the rate of acquiring diseases and gives a great body shape. Moreover, it is seen to be particularly effective among diabetic patients struggling with type-2 diabetes.

However, the benefits of building muscle mass for diabetic patients isn’t as widely known as it should be. Unlike the popularity of aerobic exercises, strength training hasn’t been given due recognition in combating diabetes. Lifting weights, dumbbells and barbells pullups, push-ups and calisthenics — all help in this process.

Here are some benefits that gaining muscle mass can have on diabetic patients. :

1. Increases the efficiency of insulin utilization

Gaining muscle mass through strength training helps store glucose within the muscles and allows the body to transport glucose from the bloodstream to the muscle fibres.  This drastically reduces the requirement for insulin levels by utilizing it optimally.

2. Blood sugar levels get lowered through strength training.

Building muscle mass aids in the storage of  glucose in the muscles by taking it away from the bloodstream. Consequently, this reduces  glucose levels in blood. An important point worth mentioning is the fact that muscles continue to use glucose even after exercise thus lowering blood sugar for many hours after the workout.


3. Gaining muscle mass helps by aiding weight loss.

Building muscle mass requires one to burn massive calories, thereby reducing weight related risks for diabetic patients.
However, this has to be coupled with a reduction in calorie intake to achieve best results.

4. Lowers the risk for heart disease.

Obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can all be controlled by strength training which is required to build muscle mass. Since all the above risk factors are also related to heart disease, building muscle mass aids in the reduction of heart complications in diabetic patients, especially those suffering from type-2 diabetes.

5. Prevents bones from turning weak.

Studies show that diabetic patients often run the risk of fracturing their bones. This is because high blood sugar results in more glucose molecules attaching to the collagen fibers in bones, thereby weakening their strength.
Exercises that help build muscle mass among diabetic patients also improve their bone strength and skeletal wellness.

A balanced fitness regime combining strength training and aerobic exercise is the best way for diabetic patients to gain muscles mass which keeps their diabetic risk profile in check. Therefore, those dumbbells and weights could be another potent weapon in your armoury to tackle the menace of diabetes.



So what are you waiting for? Just hit the gym instead of reading this article. Better still, get help from a health professional who may be better equipped to deal with the situation whilst taking into consideration your health profile and underlying conditions.










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