Poem of the Week : Love Yourself

By Mariyam Shakeel

love yourself Mariyam Shakeel


Love Yourself

– Mariyam Shakeel

Love Yourself;
          Trust Yourself;
Believe in yourself;
               Speak for Yourself;
Face Yourself;
            Answer Yourself;
Be Yourself.
               Trace the Map to your Soul
                   Check whether your Persona
                   Coincides with it…?
     Peep inside your Magic Shop,
       You’ll get the Best of You
      It’s you,only you
     Who can chase out
      The Best of you.
               Self realization,
                   And You’ll Glow like a Dream,
                   A Brand New Day awaits you.
Love Yourself;
         Trust Yourself;
Believe in Yourself;
         Speak for Yourself;
Face Yourself;
         Answer Yourself;
Be Yourself.
         Oh my isn’t it wonderful?
                   Feel this Euphoria,
                   When reality becomes Utopia.
The Shadow like you
Too has it’s Inner Child
Huh,Singularity? So What?
Crush that Love Maze.
Stay Gold!  ….cause
                   We have to be
  Eternally Bulletproof.

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