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12 Gentle reminders every young person needs to hear right now.

Because why the heck not!


    There’s some really important stuff that young people  need to hear right now.


Right ! I get it. Nobody’s in a mood to hear a tedious lecture , some sickass words of wisdom BS.

But then, we sometimes hit a post, or a ditch and sometimes need a push or a gentle nudge to keep the ball rolling. 

So, here’s some no-nonsense (and not some no-nonsense nonsense)  reminders that every young person needs to hear #Rightnow :


1. There is a reason why you are where you are.

Gentle reminders

You don’t yet know the diverse directions your life can take and the infinite prospects that lie ahead. You have a long way to go , so don’t limit yourself to a narrow set of possibilities.


2. You are stronger than you think you are.

Gentle reminders

You’ve been through situations you never knew you could face and you’ve emerged more resilient than ever before. Do not forget that part of you which stood strong when the odds were against it. There’s always a person who will have your back at all times : yourself . And you are enough.


3. You are everything you’ve seen, heard, experienced, loved and lost.

Gentle reminders

You are everything you’ve ever seen, heard, experienced, loved and lost. You are everybody whom you’ve ever come in contact with. Don’t let anybody or anything narrow you down to a certain definition of who you are. You are diverse. You are unique.You are infinite.


4. Nobody stays young for long, so cherish every moment of it.

Gentle reminders

Learning matters more than grades and what matters more than learning is living your life to the fullest. Assignment deadlines come and go but remember, life has its deadline too. There’s more to life than a marksheet.


5. You’ll make many new friends and you’ll lose some.

The ones who are meant to stay, stay. The ones who are meant to leave, leave. Beyond a certain point, do not let others dictate the way you feel about yourself.


6. Choose your battles before you begin the fight .

You don’t owe anything to anyone and you certainly don’t need to fulfil unrealistic expectations of others. It is all about you and your dreams. Reach out and go for it while it is still yours.


7. Sometimes, it okay not to have it all figured out.

Litbug gentle reminders

This is an important part of your life and you’ll be required to make some decisions that will influence the days to come. It it absolutely normal to feel a little lost before you decide what you want to do with your life.


8. You are going to experiment a lot of things and it is natural to fail in some.

Learn from your mistakes and don’t worry yourself to death when you make one


9. To be young is to have the energy and drive to become a better version of yourself.

It is a great time to pick up new skills and upgrade oneself whether it’s learning a new language or picking up an instrument, cooking, coding, ballet, vlogging,photography, acting… The list goes on. Have your pick/s.


10. Take care of your health.

The best version of who you are is also the fittest version of who you are . You have a long way to go and you’ll be needing your body to support you in your journey. Remember : this is the only body you’ll ever have. Choose your fitness regime as per your bodytype. Well, it’s good to try to eat healthy…but who cares when a pizza is in the picture.


11. Life aint’ just rainbows and butterflies , yeah you’ve heard that.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride ahead and everything’s gonna be just fine as long as you hold on to your dreams. It’s the highs and lows that make a rollercoaster ride an exciting affair. And life sure is one.


12. This is the best time to experiment in life.

Litbug gentle reminder

Choose to be crazy and you’ll never regret it. Go ahead try new things, overcome your fears, make mistakes, fall in love, open your heart out, laugh your ass off and most importantly, do epic shit.







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