How to Get in Shape for an Upcoming Sports Event.

Or lose weight for fresher's, prom or other highschool events.

Getting in shape for an upcoming sports event requires strong determination and discipline, good nutrition, proper eating habits, regular exercise and accountability of one’s actions.

Getting in shape is one of the most important challenges of modern life. Our markets are flooded with processed foods, our fridges are filled with fizzy drinks, work has largely become sedentary and post-pandemic work-from-home arrangements have drastically reduced our daily levels of exercise. In this regard, getting in shape for an upcoming sports event seems like an uphill task – whether it is an athletics meet, a soccer tournament or a hiking camp. However, there is a definite pattern of steps, the completion of which is bound to give you good results within months or even weeks. Here are seven steps that could help  tone up your body and lose weight for the upcoming sporting event that you intend to participate in.

1. Find your Why

This magical three letter word is often the cause of all action. Why is it that you want to participate in the sport? What are your goals? Are you a first timer looking forward to participate in a physical activity ? Or are you a veteran intending to win the sporting event? Is it one-time sport event or a tournament stretching for months…All these factors need to be taken into consideration before getting in shape for the event.


2. Start now

Once you’ve answered your why, start immediately. Procrastination is the single biggest enemy on our path to success , so start NOW. Wherever you are, the moment you read this sentence leave the screen, jump a bit and then get back to reading. Visit a neighbouring park, go for a short hike. Heck, jump 50 times! Do anything but don’t procrastinate. Action also drives motivation and it is not just the other way around


3. Take Care of Your Nutrition

The fundamental aspect of losing weight and getting in shape is to cut down on calories. Keep your calories on check. No amount of exercise will transform your body unless you are disciplined with your calorie intake. Processed food fizzy drinks and packaged goods are your enemies. Avoid them by all means.
Also it isn’t only about calorie consumption. The quality of your food must be nutritious and with all micro and macro nutrients. If possible, consult a dietician who could chart out a diet regime for you. Most importantly, avoid a number of websites that seem to give you free and fake advice on nutrition without knowing your physical profile.


4. Start Exercising

Push ups, jumping jacks and bodyweight squats are some basic exercise that you could start off with, without the risk of injury. Start slowly but steadily. Light exercise, a brisk walk and some basic moves are first few exercises that you can come up with. Intense body workout or doubling down heavily on aerobics after having lived a sedentary life for months can invite injuries and could be counterproductive for the sports event that you are training towards. Slow and steady wins the race. This is literally true when you are preparing your body for an upcoming sports event.


5. Make the process enjoyable

Make the process enjoyable and don’t wear yourself out. The idea is to build yourself up without exhausting yourself. Engage in some music, dance or yoga sessions to relieve your body and calm your mind.


6. Keep track of your progress.

Record your progress whether it is on your fitness app or a wall calendar. Mark your journey that you make because getting in shape takes time. The progress made thus far will propel you further. It is also crucial to keep track of days you might miss your target and catch up the next time.

7. Ensure Accountability

This is one of the most crucial aspects if you are trying to achieve any goal . Lack of accountability leads us to go off track very soon. You must have had many experiences of setting out on a goal but missing it by a large margin just because there wasn’t an external factor to hold yourself accountable. Determination has its limits. Motivation can only take you so far. There are apps that assist you to make yourself accountable. However, we feel an external actor, whether it’s your friend or your family member is far more effective in holding you accountable to your actions. Again, because our friends and families may not be able to help us all the time, it is recommended to take professional help to keep you accountable and help you assist in achieving your target in a systematic manner. MobiPhysio is one such firm that could aid you in setting and achieving the target of getting in perfect shape to ace that upcoming sport event.



To sum it up, motivation, determination, immediate action, nutrition, discipline and accountability are the keys to help you achieve your goal of getting shaped up for that upcoming sports event.









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