By Divya Jain


 -Divya Jain


Twinkling eyes, that tiny smile

Tiny hands, holding my fingers tight

Her giggles were like those bells that chimed

While we prayed, and while we rejoiced

Our ray of sunshine, she was hope incarnated

We called her ‘Barkat’ – our guiding light

She sure did live up to her name

Filling our lives with laughter and joy

Fond memories and happiness in abundance,

Our tiny little girl, an angel in disguise

Then one fine day, they snatched her away

Took her to the monstrous lords

Our blessing, our baby, became now a mere doll

To be played with, and thrown around

To be dressed up, for those hungry hounds

Alas, the laughter faded away

The tinkling giggles, the happy chimes

It all died; vanished – like her soul

Her body too, gave up after a while

Our little Barkat, now a mere case file

Barkat- prosperity, abundance and good fortune

Barkat- tortured, used, a great political tool

Once god’s blessing, now devil’s play

My dear child, now rests in a land far away

We fight for her, for justice, against those heinous crimes

We mourn for her, for humanity, for our poor lost child!


Author’s Bio

Divya Jain

A literature enthusiast, Divya loves discovering the intricacies of language, truly believing in the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”. With an inquisitive nature and a keen interest in learning new things, she is always on the lookout for something new and interesting to stimulate and challenge her mind.






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