Month: April 2022

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Random Notes to my Son | Summary and Analysis

Random Notes to my Son is a wise and complex poem, an imaginative exploration through which the speaker warns his…
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That Crafty Feeling | Summary and Analysis

Zadie Smith delivered a lecture at Columbia’s University’s Writing Program, on 24th of March, 2008, under the brief “to speak…
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The Forsaken Wife | Summary and Analysis

The Forsaken Wife by Elizabeth Thomas is a monologue in which a wife addresses her husband who has forsaken and…
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The Hollow of the Three Hills | Summary and Analysis

The Hollow of the Three Hills by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a story about a young woman who becomes overcome with…

The Bet Summary and Analysis

The Bet by Anton Chekhov follows the story of two men who have surrendered their lives to a bet they…
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Stories of Snow | Summary and Analysis

P.K. Page’s poem “Stories of Snow” is a beautiful work of poetry. The poem depicts the conflict between innocence and…
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You Begin | Summary and Analysis

You Begin by Margaret Atwood is a poem with six stanzas which are made up of uneven number of lines.…
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Wife Hits Moose | Summary and Analysis

In Wife Hits Moose, Thomas Lux narrates the moments leading up to, during, and shortly after an unidentified ‘wife’ smashes…
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Poem of the Week | It’s Corona Time

It’s Corona Time – Golden Tangerine   Blank days, another vacation. When was the last time I walked further than…
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A Warning to the Curious Story

A Warning to the Curious M R. James     The place on the east coast which the reader is…

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