Day: January 18, 2023

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The Judge’s Wife | Summary and Analysis

American author, musician and writer Daniel Harris’ episodic novella “The Judge’s Wife” narrates a story about Margaux the attractive wife…
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Poem of the Month | Report to Angel HQ

Report to Angel HQ – Golden Tangerine   It’s tough work being an angel of death My black wings are…
Lit Guides

Eve’s Diary Summary

Mark Twain’s hilarious short story, “Eve’s Diary” was published in 1905 in the Christmas issue of the magazine Harper’s Bazaar, and…
Lit Guides

The Open Window Summary

One of Saki’s best-known works, “The Open Window” describes an encounter of Framton Nuttel, with the fifteen-year-old niece of Mrs.…
Lit Guides

You Are the Electric Boogaloo | Summary and Analysis

“You Are the Electric Boogaloo” by Geoff Herbach is a short story written in an epistolary form, as a letter…
Lit Guides

The Ice Palace Summary and Analysis

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story, “The Ice Palace” was first published in 1920 in “The Saturday Evening Post”, and was…
Lit Guides

Just Be Yourself | Summary and Analysis

“Just be Yourself” by Stephanie Pellegrin is a letter published in the “Dear Teen Me” anthology in 2012. The letter…

Significant Cigarettes | Summary and Analysis

English author Dame Rose Tremain is an award-winning fiction writer whose novel The Road Home, published in 2008, received the Orange…

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