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A poem by Golden Tangerine

Report to Angel HQ

– Golden Tangerine


It’s tough work being an angel of death
My black wings are hard to hide all the time
My feathers feel itchy every now and then
She smiles and lets me hide behind her to have a lil scratch under my wings
I’m grateful that she acts like my personal protective sheath.

I got my orders from a Gabriel today
I was so shocked that I had to take a break
From having my fluffy black hair pet and tousled by her. She didn’t want to let it go
I hang out with her a lot nowadays
I’m flustered that she smiles and looks at me in this dreamy sort of way.

My job does take a lot of time ugh
She helped me do my share for tonight
I was the one to pet her soft hair this time
Her cheeks reddened as she wrapped her arms around me
I’m amused that despite tears in her eyes, her smile held something smug.

She has joined my work out of love for me
My commission took weeks, but it’s done at last
Our black wings drip with blood and brains
Her tears aren’t stopping as she wails for the headless bodies
I’m ecstatic that she still clings to me so desperately.

It’s tough work being an angel of death
It’s tougher dragging a human down with me, or up, should I say
More so one that loathed death a month ago
She now hands it out fresh alongside me, fresher blood on our hands rinse the sins off them
I’m in love, now that her remorseless smile takes away my breath.





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